The Curious Cannabist


The New Canyon Website

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

Welcome to the future of Canyon Cultivation. We’re proud to launch the next version of our website to go along with our Medicina line. There’s a lot of change in the air, the leaves have turned, and our favorite autumn colors spread out on every street corner and shaft of light. The sun still shines on us everyday. Colorado is paradise.

We’re excited for you to poke around the new site and tell us what you think. Don’t be afraid to send us an email on the contact page if you have some feedback for us, or any questions. We’re here to make your experience with the Canyon Cultivation brand as positive and encouraging as possible. It’s one of the things that make us different. Here’s the best way to use our site:

Sleeker Navigation

We’ve streamlined the information architecture of the site, which is a non-stoner way of saying that we made our brand and our products easier to find and research. We know people have LOTS of questions about edibles, usually centered around what sort of ingredients we are using. Canyon Cultivation is ALL-NATURAL, all the time. 

Ingredients + Dosage + You = Awareness.

Better Social Media Integration

We try to make a little art everyday here at Canyon. We’re a funky crew, we like having fun, and cannabis fuels our creativity. We love sharing our passion, purpose (and pot) with you every day and do our best to create little artworks and projects across our social media. You’ll see images throughout. Find us on your favorite network and take a look. We’re not supposed to play favorites but we have a lot of fun on Instagram, if that’s your thing…

We’re Mobile Too

Hey You! Put that phone down!

Great, now pick it up again and visit us on your mobile devices. iPhone’s, Androids, heck, we even work on Windows Phones and Blackberry’s too. We’re also getting ready to launch an app for Apple’s rumored iBeeper. Maybe.

Or not. Srsly most of you visit from smartphones so we figured we’d deliver an experience that looked just as good–if not better–on a phone. Don’t be afraid to whip out your phone and show us off to your friends and piss off everyone you are having dinner with. They’ll marvel at the colors and crispness and then make you pay for dinner.