The Curious Cannabist

Cannabis Advocate Morgan Iwersen

Canyon in Culture Magazine

  • FEBRUARY 2016

Our CEO, Morgan Iwersen, is the featured business owner in the February issue of Culture Magazine!

Morgan shares her reasons for getting into the business, why she is an advocate, and how cannabis has benefitted her life.

“I am a pioneer because I saw the potential of how cannabis could change the world, and help us move away from our dependency on Big Pharma, and I wanted to be a part of that movement. I was sitting in a cubicle in Corporate America. I had a conversation with my family that legalization was coming to Colorado, and we took a leap of faith. I left my corporate job. I wanted to help people address addition to pharmaceuticals. I wanted to be a part of the cannabis revolution. We started with nothing, and a shoestring budget. We started with two products, and we went for it.” – Morgan

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