Edibles 101

Here is our list of tips and tricks to make the most out of your edible experience.


Tip 1: Don’t Assume Anything When it comes to Edibles

The effects of ingesting an infused product differ considerably from the effects of smoking marijuana. You and you alone must figure out what dose is right for you, but before you do, be sure you take into consideration your height, weight, tolerance level, metabolism and overall health.

Many first-timers are taken aback by the higher potency and long-lasting effects of edibles. What that means is that the same amount of THC can last anywhere from 4-6 hours and be far more noticeable (awesome, right?). Conversely, any unpleasant effects you feel may take the same amount of time to go away (not so awesome), so our best advice is to “start low and go slow.”


Tip 2: Start Low and Go Slow

With most edibles out on the market, 10 mg is the recommended dosage. Many compare this to one drink (meaning some people begin to feel the effects of one drink while others may feel nothing until they’ve had two or more). We shouldn’t compare any of our products to alcohol.

Newbies First time users, we recommend suggest you start with a smaller dosage of 5mg low dose or single serving and wait a while at least 60 minutes before adding another dose. The amount of time it takes for you to begin “feeling it” feeling the effects depends on the speed of your metabolism and what’s in your stomach. If you are blessed with a faster metabolism, you may start to feel the effects after 30-45 minutes, but if your metabolism is on the slower side, you may be waiting as long as two hours before the effects begin. So don’t rush it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. That sounds cheesy.


Tip 3: They May Be Small, But Don’t Go Wrong, These Are Strong

As we’ve already mentioned above, edibles can be extremely potent. Don’t underestimate them, respect them. Most edible manufacturers use one of three methods for “infusing” their edibles: hash oil, cannabis-infused butter or infused oil. To learn more about Canyon Cultivation’s unique extraction method, click here. What this means to you in plain terms is that they are all highly concentrated and therefore the effects can be really strong. So, be smart, read the label and make sure you understand your edibles portion size and how many doses/portions total are in each product before consuming.

It is now Colorado law that all infused-edibles have to be clearly labeled and properly packaged – taking the guess-work out of it and making it easier to find the portion size that is right for you.


Tip 4: Know Your Body

Just like alcohol, there are several factors that can influence the efficacy (your desired result) when it comes to edibles. We already talked about your metabolism, but what about the effects of consuming edibles on an empty stomach vs. a full stomach? Our advice, “Eat a meal then try an edible.” Not the other way around. Food does not provide a “coating” effect for edibles as it does with liquor. Eating a meal after you’ve consumed too much cannabis can actually make it worse by increasing the amount of cannabis in your system. And whatever you do, please do not consume edibles with alcohol, the mixture can be catastrophic. Make for an unpleasant experience.

These tips are not meant to scare you. They’re simply to educate you so that you don’t find yourself in a positon of feeling anxious, uncomfortable or sick.

For a complete guide to marijuana edibles and how each effects your system differently, our friends over at Medical Jane have broken it down for you even further in the following article.